Kabalikat Malaya Zambales Civic Action Group

NTC Office Order 14-03-93 / SEC Reg No. CN 2006-10991

Kabalikat Malaya Federation History

       Kabalikat was first organized in Olongapo City by Romeo B. Alinea Jr. who has joined the KABALIKAT RADIOCOM in l992.  Kabalikat Radiocom was organized in Manila by seven modulators and has expanded to nearby provinces reaching Olongapo City on July l992 starting with forty members led by Dean Edgar G. Geniza.  The chapter conducted several operations that after several months, they were ready for formal acceptance in the national organization.  But because of internal problems within the Kabalikat Radiocom,  another group decided to meet in a convention hosted by Olongapo City on May 1, l993.  Out of Fifty chapters of Radiocom, forty-seven were present in the convention held at the Lowry Hall, Subic Bay Freeport which gave rise to the National Association of Kabalikat Civicom, Inc.

          The leadership of the Chapter was passed on to Prof. Armin S. Santos who was also elected as the First National Vice-President for Operations of Kabalikat Civicom and was responsible for organizing chapters within Central and North Luzon.  By its Second National Convention held in Vigan, Ilocos Sur in May of l995, Santos was on his way to the top leadership of the association having been elected as the National Executive Vice President with the understanding that he will be the National President in May l997. The agreement was not followed as he and other Governors were ousted from the National of Governors without due process and until this day, no copy of the resolution expelling him and other governors have been served to him.

          On May, l996 he met his chapter and appraised them of the situation.  The chapter promptly reelected him as President of the Olongapo City Chapter of Kabalikat Omega declaring themselves independent of the National Association of Kabalikat Civicom.  On June, l998 after two years of operating and conducting operations without a national association, it was able to be the official communication group of the National Centennial Commision – Centennial Youth Leadership program held in Subic Bay participated in by 2,000 delegates from all over the country.  It was at this stage when the group decided to use “Malaya” affixed to its name and network with some like-minded chapters, foremost among them, Quezon City Central, Zambales I, Floridablanca(Pampanga), and others.

             On May, l999, a formal call for formalizing a National association was sounded with at least ten chapters signifying interest.  After a year, Kabalikat Metro in Santiago City met with Olongapo City and together laid the ground work for a federation.  Finally, on

          May 26 and 27, 2001 twenty chapters from all over the country, united in their goals and objectives formed the KABALIKAT MALAYA FEDERATION with its first set of officers, as follows:


GOVERNOR JOHN BLAS                          



Additional Info:



NAGA City, April 29, 2007 --  Professor Armin Santos (33-02), founder and national president of Kabalikat Malaya Federation of Civic Action Associations, Inc. (KABALIKAT MALAYA) and Sir Jennis I. Nidea (30-01), regional governor of Kabalikat Civic Communicators Network of Bicol, Inc. (KABALIKAT BICOL) signed this morning a memorandum of alliance (MOA) which signalled the "strong cooperation, coordination and collaboration" of the 2 groups to be more effective and efficient in the delivery of services to the community especially in times of emergencies.

KB Malaya which has 30 communication groups from Regions I, II, III, IVA, IVB and National Capital Region and KB Bicol which has 48 Chapters in the 6 provinces of the region, were both formerly affiliated with the Kabalikat "Civicon" of Mr. Gil dela Torre.

But for almost similar reasons, Malaya and Bicol both bolted from the wings of De la Torre.
KB Bicol was issued a certificate of registration (No. CN2006-26769)by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)on May 18, 2006 while KB Malaya was issued (SEC Reg. No. CN2006-10991) on July 28, 2006.

Under the MOA, the 2 groups will spearhead the formation of new united kabalikat national organization that will truly reflect the will of the majority and will be run under A TRUE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE.




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